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{ Artificial Insanity - How to Keep Calm and Combat Imposter Syndrome }

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We've all suffered from imposter syndrome from time to time. But it turns out imposter syndrome has some really clear patterns, and there are actually a few simple tips and tricks to start appreciating ourselves more. This talk will provide some tools to help you keep calm and focus on your small successes that eventually translate to big successes - similar to Kaizen. And that all this starts with allowing ourselves to be human first and foremost.

{ How to Hack a Community from the Bottom Up }


Community is about chopping wood and carrying water - this talk will teach you the fundamentals of bringing people together.
This talk will dive into the pillars of community and that which makes a good community flourish, the short and long term benefits for the individual and organization, some KPIs, and debunk a few myths.

{ VAR: How the Pillars of Community Map to the Pillars of High Performing Organizations }

The pillars of good community leadership are built around rallying people to a common purpose, building a meritocracy so that the most masterful of contributions are those that prevail, and the autonomy to learn, share, contribute and create. Leading teams to inspire them to have purpose, strive for mastery and do so autonomously essentially map to the same values. This talk will dive into how you can build your company around core community values to build a high-performing organization, cultivate employee engagement and retention in the long term.

{ Game of Open Source: A Tale of Hype & Mire }


There is no question that the going is tough when it comes to open source projects. Building the excitement, community and hype is an undertaking unto itself - let's not talk about monetization. Often times, just as your project is starting to get off the ground and generate real business - newer and cooler disruptors enter the playing field - and it gets hard to keep the momentum going. This talk is going to give some real world insight on what's involved in really building a sustainable open source project, even when the hype is dwindling and the dust settles. This will be based upon lessons learned from leading the Cloud Native & OSS community in Israel, as well as the Cloudify community as my former day job.

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